Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Incoherent in Decadence


Capitulated with no where to go ...... no where you'd want to go.This feeling of everything being an incoherent pile of shit that is useless & unstimulating to the mind , body or soul , is as vainest & trifling  as anything can be. Thoughts ranging from utter despondence , creating a turmoil of emotions , lead to an assiduous feeling of getting over with all this hoopla called life.

Sit contemplating this world & its worldly creations of 'needs' & end up just disliking every possible thing that there is. Gadgets, movies, technology , music , even people have all lost their charm for them to be. Try to wonder what transpired for things to be this way  , was it a betrayal of trust  or was it a rigid environment of  forced discipline. Or was it simply the disgust of  not having anybody around to share with ...
Whatever it was , it has done its damage & now theres no hope for a way out.

With time on your side (a lot of time !!) &  no place to channel your thoughts into , can lead to an advent of exasperations of a lifetime.  You've become quiescent & obstinacy  becomes your trait. All those who thought of you as a precocious little-being wonder with disgust what made you so truculent & destitute . A fire of indignation burns through & now somebody's got to die.

Impertinence runs high , indolence seems so right . You've become a repository of hate, anger, guilt ,doubt , pain ,care , love ... & start to feel drowsy. Just want to get away from all the rules & regulations which characterize this  existence  of a human being  & sleep is the only nurse left in the whole wide world for the mind now.

If you wake up with a fresh mind , then you just avoided the self destructive, unproductive phase of time. But if you woke up feeling the same as you did before ,  then it begins all over again.

So if sleep can't nurse you back to health then what can ?
The only thing that can nurse back the wounds now is to do all that you wanted  to . Maybe you pick up the phone & call the person you " really "want to talk to  or maybe you go & fix all the wrong that you think exists in this world that made you feel the way you feel...

So you try... try to get back on track , try to be nice , try to be good & try to get that thing you really want.
You try hard , fight off all the indolence , all the negativity to stay on course... you try.
Read all the inspiring stuff, watch all the inspiring  things, start believing in things to become better..
You start believing.

Just as you thought that all would turn out just fine , you get struck with lightening.. again .
The realization strikes you ......
The things you want , can't become true. The  people you want , don't want you.

In a world where everybody just wants to fulfill their vain desires , there is no place for you.
They just want to go to the Malls, to the bars, to the discos, to the movies , to the amusement park ,to the zoo .. they just want to do what they want to & they don't want  you.

So now what's there to do ? except for you to get lost somewhere in the time loop.

                             YOU'RE ONLY AS HEALTHY AS YOU FEEL.

Monday, 9 January 2012

The fall & extinction of the HINDU

                                              First of all , what's a  'Yamdude' ??

I mean common , do these MNC's/ corporate's got to stoop so low to get me to use/buy their products.  And what's with the tag line "You only live once" . If I remember correctly these same MNC's / corporate's  tell me to buy diamond jewellery cuz it's gonna last for 7 'JANAMS'(births) & now they're telling me that I am only going to live once !! They need to make up their mind , fast.
Do they believe in this "Re-birth" theory  or don't they ??
                 I'd just like to point out an important fact here that acc. to the  philosophies ofHinduism a person is born again & again in this world in different forms ( human, fly, monkey etc..) till he achieves "MOKSHA"(salvation from the cycle of birth). And this "Moksha" occurs only when one has wiped out all the sins he may have committed in his different lifespans . Phew, not an easy task eh.. ?

                 Well I for one would like to categorically state here that I have stopped believing in anything since the day I  realized  that  all the talk abt  "The Truth"prevailing over "Darkness" doesn't really imply to this Time-Frame of world that we live in . Just take a look around you & you'll know what i'm talking about. People who lie the most, deceive the most , are dishonest &  not at all loyal , make it big in this world e.g. Businessmen like Tata's(who started out by sucking up to the british), Ambani's( who started out giving bribes) etc etc or the BANKS world over which are the biggest thieves of them all .
 The people who  in these  times are honest , loyal  & uncompromising  with their principles , well , you know where to find them .....
NO , you guessed it wrong.
You won't find them in a bar or in a liquor tavern , you'll find them locked up in their room drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, wishing the world would come to an end or wishing that they could just blow their brains out right then & there.

Tragic , but  that's exactly how this world works.

Yes , this is exactly  what has become of the land of the  great civilization of the "Vedas"   & exactly what the people here  think of Hinduism. They take it for a joke cuz nobody is going to issue a "Fatwa"  against them or stab them in the ass for making fun of it.

 It's true that the philosophies of Hinduism  encourage its followers to  have a free thought & asks them to explore these free thoughts to reach the truth abt themselves & the universe around them  but free thought  is diametrically opposite to impiousness, and this is nothing but impiousness on our part.
                  Now most of what I'm going to write may be something you will come across for the first time as our school's curriculum do not teach us anything significant when it comes to history ,as most of it is regulated by the govt. to maintain the artificial peace that these politicians/pseudo-secularists profess needs to exist for us to become a "rich" country, but is sure worthy enough to be read atleast once.


                   Let  us  go back in time to the moment  when  this fall in morals & attitude of people really , and i mean really, started affecting the 'HINDU'. Its the time 60 years after the end of  the Ashoka (The Mauryan King) empire. The Mauryan empire had declined after spreading the teachings of 'Buddhism' far & across to the point that the territories of the Mauryan empire(which stretched from the present day 'Hindu-Kush' mountains in Afghanistan to the south of present day Andhra Pradesh)  were engulfed in the fight of supremacy between  the followers of Hinduism & Buddhism leading to discord & infighting, all the while leaving the Khyber-Pass unguarded, and a wave of foreign invasion followed.The invasions were of the following people-
  1.  Indo-Greeks ( people of Greek descent who had stayed back after Alexander's return to Babylon. They centered around land in between present day Afghanistan & Uzbekistan)
  2. Indo-Scythians ( referred to as  Sakas in the Mahabharat. They were basically nomads of Central-Asia/Siberia) 
  3. Indo-Parthian & Indo-Sassanids (  Iranian tribes )
    [the above tribes migrated through the khyber pass somewhere around the 2nd B.C to 2nd A.D.]
  4. The Huns ( they came after the fall of the Gupta empire in the 5th century A.D. They are people of the  Central Asian Xionites tribe)
                  These people find mention even in texts like Mahabharat  & various Puranas. The common term used to refer to these people is Mleccha .They were called so because of their incomprehensible speech & behavior which was unacceptable to the  Aryan school of thought.  Mleccha 's were even placed out of the caste system in Vedic times as they were considered not good enough to even fit in... ouch!!!

                  However, these invasion however weren't as significant as others that were to follow as these tribes of people imbibed their thoughts in the philosophies of  Hinduism/Buddhism  & integrated themselves by inter-mixing with the Hindu/Buddhist populations at that time  of western India , Pakistan , Afghanistan.

                  It must be noted that these people weren't direct recruits into Hinduism , instead they came to accept it (willingly or unwillingly) over a period of time  through inter-mixing & also cuz they had to co-exist with the people who believed in the  Aryan school of thought of Hinduism & who of course , outnumbered them at the time.
But the trouble with this inter-mixing was that a part of the Hindu society now was Hindu only because they had to & not because they wanted to !!  And  this was a poison that would spread slowly but surely  in the Hindu society.

 The Invasions that were Highly Significant for the fall of Hinduism - 

Though the Malabar coast (for those whose geography is weak , it's the coasts of Kerala & Karnataka) had already seen the influx of Arab traders who with themselves also  brought the teaching of Islam to India , the real impact of Islam was felt in Sindh  in 710-715 A.D. with the invasion of Muhammad Bin Qasim . Qasim was a young general of the Umayyad Caliphate located in Damascus ( present day Syria). He conquered Sindh which was being ruled by a Hindu king having a majority Buddhist population at the time with the help of a few people of Sindh ,who chose to help out the foreign invader than their own king.
                  The poison of the Mleccha's invasion  had already started to spread in the Hindu/Buddhist societies of the time & people started to do away withe the teachings of Hinduism/Buddhism & instead started becoming more focused on settling personal/community scores over the welfare of the country & its people .

Following Qasim  came Ghazni ,Ghori ,Timur ,Mughals ,Nadir Shah , Abdali   and other smaller invaders who came not only to spread the message of Islam but to loot as well.
Famous authors like  Will Durant in his book History of Civilizations , M.A. Khan's Islamic Jihad  K.S. Lal's Growth of Muslim Population in Medieval India (1000-1800 A.D.)  call this medieval period of Islamic Invasions in the sub-continents history as the bloodiest in Human History. An estimate of 60- 80 million Hindu population died in this time period. A lot were taken or sold as slaves in international markets.Even the mountains of Afghanistan named Hinu-Kush(which literally translates to Hindu slaughter) is named after   thousands of Hindu slaves died while crossing the harsh terrain of those Mountains.

                 Now I am not going into the details of  these invasions as they are quite elaborative  in context ( I might write abt them in future blogs) , but one thing that needs to be mentioned is that all those HINDUS  who stood up and fought for their land,people,beliefs were betrayed to these outsiders  somewhere along the line by HINDUS itself. Be it Maharana Pratap , Shivaji , Samrat Hemu or anyone else who dared to stand up & fight , they were let down in the end by their own people only. A system of oppression was enforced resulting in many deaths of the Hindus & their ideological practices.The ones who survived this onslaught of invaders were either forced to pay "Jizya" (religious tax) to live under constant fear of their lives & dignity , or they converted to Islam.

And then came the British -

 After the British est. their stronghold in the sub-continent after the Battle of Plassey in1757, ahead of the French,Portuguese,Dutch & other European nations. They wanted to make the best possible use of the rich flora of the land they just captured & benefit from it economically. So they started with trade practices to have a trade surplus from their side & a trade deficit for  the Indian colony. A major part to maintain the trade surplus was  to get the people of India addicted on British manufactured goods , and for this they needed to change the mindset of the population  here.

The Real Downfall -

Every since Afghanistan fell into the hands of Mahmud of Ghazni  in the years close to 1000 A.D till even the moment that I am writing these words , the HINDUS & their philosophies  have been suppressed , ridiculed & even equated with being oppressive of  people !!! All of this  by people who in reality have to comprehension or even a hint of the  ideas& philosophies  of Hinduism.
                         During the medieval period of Islamic conquests in India , Hindus weren't even allowed to carry out religious ceremonies , forget abt any thing else. Punishment for carrying out religious ceremonies ranged from cutting of arms, tongue , legs to being sold into slavery. There was a complete dearth of new ideas or even the  correct understanding of the old ones , with constant suppression & oppression  from the Islamic conquests,  resulting in various social evils & ignorance taking precedence in Hindu societies over its original teachings.
                       The British & other Europeans went around the world invading foreign lands for economic reasons & also in the name of The Christ , trying to save the people of those foreign lands from their  so called "savage" ways of life by spreading the word of Christianity . They also ensured here in the subcontinent to demerit & ridicule the philosophies of Hinduism. They weren't so abrasive or aggressive with the teachings of  Islam  here in the subcontinent mainly because most of the Nobles in those time were Muslims  & also cause they saw Muslims as a counterweight in the subcontinent against the Hindus.All these Christian missionary schools & colleges  that the  Europeans started in India had one purpose & one purpose only. Apart from providing education for the children of the Europeans, these schools had a well thought of agenda to change the way people thought/believed here in  the sub-continent. The British saw that even after centuries of Islamic Invasions & now even under the British , the people weren't willing to give up their faith. Sure they weren't following it's ideologies as they should have been but still  all these invaders faced immense challenges to change the beliefs of the people here. No matter what a man did , whether he was farmer, a thief, a highway robber  or whatever else.. if he saw atempleShivling or any other  thing in nature that would even remotely resemble his impression of Gods/Goddesses acc. to the Hindu traditions , he would bow down in respect.

                        To the people of the book( Christians, Muslims, Jews) this was nothing short of blasphemy cuz their traditions  didn't accept such acts. More importantly  their doctrine of religion wasn't & still isn't much tolerable of other faiths, unlike the 4 religions that have originated here in the Subcontinent namely  Hinduism,Buddhism,Sikhism ,Jainism all of which preach for a peaceful existence not only between humans but also with nature & all its creatures.
                       The Islamist could never really achieve to convert the whole of India  into Islam , instead Islam had an off shoot of Sufism within Islam  & it's still practiced in some parts  of India. The Europeans realized that if they really wanted to profit from the sub-continent they had to change the way people lived around here so they got they started up with the concept of western education which was essential to"progress"   in the new world.

                        The funny & tragic part abt all the western education was that it mostly prized on its innate understanding of science & mathematics which in return had its origins in the works of Bhramagupta ( the first person to use the number '0' & the first person to give the solution of  general linear equations) . His most important work is in the book Brāhmasphuṭasiddhānta  ( written in 628 A.D.) where he pretty much lays down the laws of Algebra , Arithmetic & Geometry as we know them today. The Arabs  did trade with the Hindu  kings at the time of Bhramagupta  & learnt all the maths they could from his work. Yet the western world still chooses not to give him due credit instead names some Arab mathematicians as the fathers of algebra etc. etc.

              Both the Islamic rulers & the Europeans got the various Hindu works, right from the "Vedas" to the "Puranas" to all the works of science ,society,literature of all those years before the the Islamic conquests began,   translated into Persian & English respectively to get as much knowledge they could extract & use them for the good of their people. Yet  they chose to & still choose to give no credit to this vast & voluminous work of the Hindus.

On the contrary , all that the Hindus got from the Islamic & European Conquest of their lands was constant humiliation & utter subjugation.The Hindus were told that their philosophical teachings were  oppressive in itself through their "Varna" (caste system) , their philosophies  followed inhuman & amoral practices like 'Sati' & 'Child Marriages' , they followed strange & wrong rituals   &  that all of their teachings were actually nothing more than a conspiracy of the Brahmins to control them. Now I am not going to dissect  this false propaganda  of socialists / hindu haters  here right now as I am inclined to write on  the topic of "fall & extinction of the HINDU" at present.

             All the above mentioned  thoughts were widely circulated amongst the Hindus with an aim to demoralize them, with the intention of getting them to convert or give up their beliefs.
             Unfortunately,  this had an effect as we can see mass conversions & muteness  by the majority Hindu populations of the subcontinent in this medieval period. All those who opposed the oppressors were killed ,castrated or sold off into slavery along with their families.(mostly betrayed by their own brethren).  This lead to a vacuum  of honest upright Hindus   thereby paving the path for the coward & greedy people to multiply more,  leading to corruptness of morals & ideology in Hinduism , thereby the fall of the Hindu.


The Extinction-

                SO after nearly centuries of oppression that started with in the 8th century with the Islamic Invasions to the mid 20th century  when the British & other Europeans had to give up their claims on the Sub-continent, a Free Independent India was born. Also born were Pakistan, Bangladesh(east pakistan) which had a majority muslim population. 
The founding fathers of these nations like Mahatma Gandhi ,J.N.Nehru, M.A.Jinnah, B.R.Ambedkar  etc. were all men who were educated in the west(mostly Britain) & who in one way or the other loathed the Hindu philosophies. All thanks to their western education. None of them had studied any scriptures or done an in depth research on the philosophies of Hinduism , but they all were witnesses to the social evils that had crept up in the Hindu society by that time  & hence detested the centuries old traditions to the point where they wanted complete annihilation of them.(based on their prejudices)

              The final nail in the extinction of the HINDU was the Constitution of India ,  which  borrowed freely & heavily (i may add) from  the Constitution of as many as 11 countries. Replicating their Freedoms of speech, expression,  etc etc to a community of people who had known nothing but oppression since the 8th century.
These founding fathers were aware that these ideas would take a long time to seep and have their desired effect on society  but their plan to replicate these freedoms shows a lack of creativity & a lack of intellectualism in their leadership.
Infact Hinduism's last major philosopher/reformist was Adi Shankracharya in the 8th century A.D. After that The HINDU has  had no real intellectual addition to vast volumes of Upnashid's & Purana's( these books contain the religious teaching as derived from the vedas .) South India witnessed some writings of religions content going on till the late 16th century but those too were pushed back under the oppressive regimes of the Islamist &  the Europeans.
Another reason for the fall in the growth of Hinduisms  teachings & philosophies  was the emergence of various Indo-Aryan languages like Hindi ,Marathi, Bengali, Gujrati ,Punjabi etc etc.. .Actually these languages are  regarded as "apabrahmsa" (Sanskrit word to denote non-grammatical languages). In addition to these regional languages was the emergence & push of the English language by the govt. of India, which further complicated the matters. This led to an emergence of a newer generation which  used a mixture of a hybrid-mutant language (Hinglish or whatever it is called by the Gen X)  instead of proper usage of any of the languages.
          Education in India was & is still  focused on Maths & Science , not from the point of view to attain knowledge but instead focused  on to gain employment. This led to a moral vacuum in the life of the Hindu who already was besieged by  many social problems & external threats to its survival. With the present economic scenario that we find ourselves into, mere survival of the human body is difficult to attain forget abt the survival of the ideology. Though it's not impossible to survive along with your ideology intact as shown my the Muslims across the globe , but the HINDU chose to compromise with his ideology not only to ensure survival but also to fulfill his materialistic needs.

The extinction started with the generation of our parents (those who were born in the independent India). They were born in a time when the  race of  economic development had started to affect the way people lead their lives.In this race , prominence was given to making ends meet & not to the means taken to makes those ends meet. And when one gives precedence to one's survival as opposed to the Ideology one is bound to follow , the Ideology dies then & there only. After all that's left, is the fragments of that dead Ideology which you now drag around in the false hope of giving "comfort to your mind & a paradise for your soul."
       Not like the parents of our parents were highly skilled & versed with the ideologies of Hinduism   but atleast a sense of righteousness was prevalent amongst them.

Today all that's left of Hinduism & the Hindu for that matter is the forced tag of being a Hindu by birth. All we do in the name of Hinduism is to go to temples ( that too to ask GOD for some personal favours like a good job, a nice wife or a son etc etc) , do some rituals that a guy wearing a dhoti asks us to do (without actually knowing what we are doing & what this guy in dhoti is uttering in Sanskrit. Is he even really speaking Sanskrit or just mumbling some incoherent shit??) , pay the poor beggars outside those temples ( to feel as if we did our part in the running of society) and finally we celebrate festivals like Diwali , Holi , Janmashtami ( corporate style by buying a lot of products for self indulgence , getting drunk & dancing on cheap bollywood songs !! Happy Diwali everyone ).
 The self critical analysis to better oneself, which was the essence of  Hinduism, has  lost out to the ' feel good by doing  whatever you want to' analysis. To be honest the 'whatever you want to do ' analysis only consists of  shopping , non-stop backbiting  or  some immoral activity.             
                   People ,instead of teaching their children good pious lessons of Hinduism ,only end up promoting the excesses of their children by treating them as the most  special thing on the planet, as if their kid was the next 
Gautam Buddh  or Mahavira or even a Maharana Pratap.  Instead, as a matter of fact, with the special treatment kids receive these days by their parents , they'll only end up being a burden on the planet who want to consume and get everything  that their over inflated egos & desires want.
                   The parents are unable to teach their children abt the teachings/ philosophies of Hinduism   which  are the oldest amongst all the religious philosophies of the world  because they themselves aren't sure what these teachings or philosophies are. We in India  , the birthplace of Sanskrit  , don't understand a word of Sanskrit and have nobody except ourselves to blame for it. Even after Independence none of us or even our governments have initiated any measures to make people aware of Sanskrit language. Hence we are dependent upon interpretations of Europeans, Arabs, or limited no. of so called intellectuals in India (mostly communists) , for them telling us what our Vedas , Purana's & other religious texts have to tell us. This has led to further estrangement between the HINDU & his philosophies .
                    And to complete the extinction  , we have the  current Gen X who have no clue abt anything except a false belief of them being the BEST. the Best at all the things that are not significant at all. Societies don't progress on a belief though, you need to take actions and the only action Gen X is taking is that of pushing stupidity to a whole new level . I won't elaborate more on that here since this blog is not abt the inadequacies of Gen X, 
For Gen X  in India (especially the Hindu ones) , religion is a taboo topic because of their little or no knowledge abt their own Hindu religion & also because of the guilt/inferiority feeling they might be made to feel by the Believers of other religions, who waste no opportunity to put down Hinduism .

                   Also  the whole dose of  Bollywood crap movies (which by the way  are  muslim dominated ) tell all these dumb ass  GenX that  all the religions are the "same". So they like complete buffoons believe that   The Geeta ,The Quran ,The Bible all teach the same thing !! which is so Not True. The quran and bible have some similarities but The Geeta has no common ground with them. The Geeta has a sense of familiarity with the teachings of Sikhism, Buddhism , Jainism but nothing in common with the Quran or the Bible.

                  SO in the end we find that all the invasions , oppression , subjugation , humiliation &  the integration of   western ideals into our lives ,  has left us 'The HINDU'  as an Unbeliever of  our old wise teachings.
Instead what we have today  are  people who are Hindu by default (cuz they were born into a family having a Hindu surname). If tomorrow the need arises to fight or die for the beliefs of Hinduism , I  know very well that all these so called Hindus will simply give up and convert or believe whatever the aggressor wants them to believe  in .

                   These so called Hindus have taken the basic essence of Hinduism which was to  ensure social welfare first & foremost of its people  as its aim & instead have made their greed  , stemming from their hyper-inflated egos & gold plated  desires , as the essence of  the dead/worn out/dragged for centuries cloak of  Hinduism. 

                   I realize that I have written a very long blog , but I also know  most of the people wouldn't even  read the whole thing . For those who would have  read  the whole blog , well , plz find a thank you  appropriately in order from my side.
Even amongst those who have read the whole thing  I realize  there'd be some 
Like I  had stated earlier on in the blog , I have lost my belief in things  but that does not mean I am no longer conscious of my existence or my religion & its beliefs . Even though sometimes I find it difficult to carry on honestly following  these beliefs & teachings  but I still try.

  Off I go now , to be locked up in my room  with alcohol & cigarettes ... and a gun ..(if I can find one.)